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Jordan Lee Lewis wrote a song to get you in the #holidaygive2020 Bottle Drop spirit. So do something to make yourself feel better this holiday season and participate in the bottle drop! It's the best thing we've ever seen helping keep the world and the community clean. So do something to make yourself feel better this holiday season and participate in the bottle drop! It's the best thing we've ever seen helping keep the world and the community clean.





Bottle Drop

BottleDrop Ramble

BottleDrop Ramble
BottleDrop Ramble

Scream on the Screen Videos


Scream on the Screen


Scream on the Screen Halloween Special: Drexel H. Foundation Free Presentation of Halloween movies COVID STYLE!

The free annual showing of the Haunted Hamburger film presented by the Drexel H. Foundation, has been a Vale Halloween tradition as part of the Vale Chamber Downtown trick or treat. Over the years the foundation has added other scary crash course films to this Rex Theater event. This year due to COVID and health guidelines the films are offered virtually. Again, pivoting to offer Drexel’s free programs and with the philosophy, the “show must go on” even during a global pandemic. Other short films that are scary, involve magic or aliens will be shown virtually this year. These videos are available on the Drexel website starting on Monday, Oct. 26th. The website is, go to Scream on the Screen under the video tab. Pick one or watch all of them. Scream on Screen will feature past Film Festival entries & Crash Course films. The Drexel Crash Course Film event is creating a film in 2 hours. The actors & participants come up with the plots, dialogue and then our featured filmmaker helps bring it to life.

• The Haunted Hamburger 2009, four youth are trying to buy a hamburger but find a curse instead.

• The Magic Wand 2010 entry staring Connor Williams. What would a 6-year-old you know do with his magic wand? See young Connor, who premièred his film Spoilers at the Rex theater in June 2015 and now grown and in Hollywood with a vibrant acting career. Check out for his most recent films.

• Attack of the Plathlaax 2007 a film by Drew Wattles, see why Aliens visit a normal fry cook in Boise Idaho?

• Ghost Hunt, 2013, What Did Devin Smith find?

• Under Cover 2006, a kid spy tries to save the world from a scary Dr Reluctant.

• Floater 2015 Staring music & animation of Dude Jaway. What do you think is in the water?

• Apparition Finders 2015, local youth seek out the extraordinary from Nick & Caleb Voechting, Jacob & Caitlyn Hyde.

• Keep it Clean 2010 Phill Stucker animation music video, featuring original music of Anton Barbeau, Scott West, Scott Rich, and Pair of Angels Music.

• Oh Bunny 2010, The local kids help a ghost from the Vale mural find her bunny so she can move on.

• Vanishing Vortex 2016, Youth is trapped in another dimension and needs help from the magic cheese to get out of this vortex.

• Para- Annoyed 2018 What do the Ghosts think about the ghost hunters, are they annoyed?

• The latest Scariest film festival entries From Newton to Newton Productions. Door 7: 2019 staring Holland Stull, Tiego Newton, and many zombies from Boise Idaho.

• The Boy Left Behind: 2020 staring Tiego Newton & Arron Galaviz When your childhood fears grew up too.

Drexel Foundation's free presentation of these Halloween films will make you scream at the screen on Halloween. See them at the Drexel website at and click on the scream on the screen under the video tab.

Scream on the Screen

Halloween Poster


2020 Film Festival

Drexel Foundation 15th Annual Children’s Film Festival Virtual Platform received18 Entries from all over the U.S. 

Drexel Foundation’s 15th Annual Children’s Film Festival virtual submission was open to everyone from anywhere. They received a great selection of diverse films “For Kids, By Kids and with Kids in Mind”. With submissions from Idaho, throughout the Treasure Valley, and even an entry from as far away as New York, 18 films were sent in to vie for the $100 cash prize and Best of Show Honors. 

The winners for each of the 4 age categories were announced on Sept. 19th on all Drexel Foundation’s social media platforms with first-place winners in each age category receiving $50+ in gift certificates, and Best of Show $100 cash. All that entered a film received prizes.  This year the crash course was virtual too with fun how-to instructional videos in four parts for easy viewing. All films can be viewed under the video tab 2020 entries. You can also find the crash course instructional videos there under the video tab, crash course films. 

Winning first place for the Youth 4-11 was Ruby Shaffer with a photo slideshow “Through Ruby’s Eyes, Winning first place for the Middle school 12-14 division was Hoss Johnson with “A Day in In The Life Of My Dad”. In the Young Adult category, first place went to the Stull girls ranging from 5-16, Remi, Holland, Dutchlin, and Caslin Stull, with the film “Accelerated”.  It even had original music by Holland & Remi Stull. Winning Second place was Japheth Carlson with “Designing My BYU Experience”, third place went to “Spooktember” by Elisa Gaston, and fourth to “Car” by Catherine Booth. The Adult 20+ division winner was “No Daddy Daughter Dance” by Kody Newton. Sweeping this category he also received second place for “Bankston & Biggs”, and third for “Right Time”. Fourth place went to “Ukiee” by Sam McLaughlin, Ezekiel & Willow Fuson. The other entries in this category, in no particular order, were: “Toy” by Jordon Gore, “What Does Easter Mean to You?”  By Mark Washington & The Children of Royal COGIC,  “Changing a Tire With Fire” by Cynthia Mayhall Christy, “Time Lapse BYU-I” by Noah Carlson, “The Boy I Left Behind” by Kody Newton, “Ode to Our Treasure Valley” by Jordon Lewis Lee (Dobney) & Nik Washboard Walker, “2020 Vale  Rodeo-Compared to Years Past” by Nick Voechting, and “Mothers Day Brunch At Wallow Union Railroad” by Cynthia Mayhall Christy. Winning Top Honors as the Best of Show and $100 CASH was “Accelerated” by the Stull Family. 

The Drexel Foundation was originally created to help preserve the Historic 1908 Vale Hotel and 1895 Grand Opera House. At its inception, the goal was to create an art center in a portion of the Grand Opera House and later in the Vale Hotel, thus, providing a space for the community to enjoy cultural events and art education.  In 1995, the first Art Camp & Talent Show was held. Over the years the foundation has added several annual art programs, humanities, and cultural events. In 2005 this Annual Film Festival “For Kids By Kids and With Kids In Mind began.” Later in 2006, the Annual Film Crash Course workshop with professional film & screenwriters started.

 IMG 0198

Ruby Shaffer 1st Youth Winner

IMG 0038

Hoss Johnson 1st Middle School

IMG 0191

The Stull Family 1st in Young Adult & Best of Show

IMG 0190

Kody Newton with his trophies for winning 1st-3rd in the Adult Category



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