Teen Film Project

Past Teen Film Projects

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Our art programming developed over the years in response to suggestions of identified need. The teen film project was a direct result of youth requesting more programs in the world of film after a small segment in 2005 art camp. During 2006, evaluations expressed the request to create more film programming. From that feedback, the Children’s Film Festival competition was created to involve the whole family in the film art created by the youth. Next, the teen film project began to teach filmmaking skills, and gave access to tools and equipment as mechanisms for personal expression in digital arts. Every year youth are invited to learn and build on these skills with lighting, editing and other workshops. Drexel Film programs have its roots in the art camp evaluation forms done in 2004. VHS’s own, Katie Kavanaugh, taught a 1 hour segment of film making at art camp.  Drexel then hosted Kavanaugh, a professional film-maker, with the presentation of “Screen 360 Films from Around the World.” Vale youth wanted more training in film, so in 2005 the Annual Film Festival For Kids By Kids and with Kids in mind began. Each year we ask for preregistration so the project can be built around the needs of the youth involved. Preregistration is required.

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