Art Camp

Drexel H. Foundation Presents The 20th Annual “Talent Show” and FREE “August Art Camp” for Kids August 8-10th!

The 20th annual “August Art Camp” takes place at the Rex Theater in Vale, OR on August 8-10th. Art workshops are FREE and start at 9:00am and end at 12:00pm, Monday thru Wednesday. Art camp is open to anyone ages 5 -18. Everyone will learn about performing, visual & film art. The camp is fun for all ages, there is registration at the door, and everyone in the Treasure Valley is invited. The list of workshops is below. The Rex Theater is located at 240 A Street.

In 1995 the Annual August Art Camp & Talent Show began. Every year since, many local artist get involved as art camp leaders, some of which were past youth participates. “We have been doing this event so long that youth come back as adults and become art camp leaders that is sustainability in action.” said Sanidjean Fuson Drexel’s President.

The Drexel H. Foundation’s FREE Annual Talent Show is on August 11th, 2016, at 7:00pm at the Rex Theater in Vale, OR. There is no fee to enter, the only requirements are Family Appropriate acts, pre-registration (signed by guardian) and ATTENDANCE AT THE DRESS REHEARSAL on August 10th at 6:15pm. The show On Thurs. August 11th, is a talent competition which is split into (4) four age categories ; children; 4-11, middle school; 12-14, young adults; 15-19, and adults; 20+. The first place winner in each category wins $100.00 cash, and prizes! Each contestant goes home a winner, with a grocery sack full of prizes & gift certificates / coupons. Registration slips can be found on posters around Ontario, Vale & Nyssa.

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Drexel Foundation’s Formal Closet


It is that time of year again with upcoming Prom dances set all over the area. Drexel H. Foundation’s Formal Closet now has tuxes and over 300 FREE homecoming and prom dresses in exchange for volunteer work for the Drexel Foundation’s Art Programs. This program has been successful for over 11 years.  The viewing of the many items, which includes men’s formal wear, homecoming & prom style dresses is by appointment only, just call 541-473-3470 and make an appointment.

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