Art In The Park on Flag Day 2020 Winners

Drexel H. Foundation handed out over 51 packets to families in Vale, Ontario, & Nyssa for entries in this year's Art in the Park on Flag day Mini -Mural competition. Over 27 mini mural entries came back to the Drexel Foundation to compete for this year's Best of Show trophy. There were 4 trophies for each of the various age categories. Participants ranged in ages 2-50. “After 21 years we are glad to continue this Mini Mural part of this special Flag Day event. The youth like to give these away as father’s day gifts. We think it is always a perfect way to help kids remember two things, to honor our flag and to honor their fathers or grandfathers on fathers day.” Said Sandijean Fuson President of the Drexel Foundation. The winners were: Winner 2-4 Charlie Baker, Winner 5-7 Hypatia Rounds, Winner 8-10 Rocco Shaffer, Winner 11+ Ella Marshell. The biggest trophy went to BEST OF SHOW Giana Rojas a 10-year-old artist. Drexel volunteers will paint the park again next year after COVID-19 danger has passed. It is always on June 14th so mark your calendars now.


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BEST OF SHOW Giana Rojas



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PNW Yard Art Winners

The winner of the Yard Art Best of Show and winning $100 went to Kacie Recla and Jaime and Linda Taylor. They created a community garden to share with their neighborhood and spruced up the fence with a lovely painting. The first-place winner of the youth category was Ruby Johnson of Vale, and the Adult First place winner was Cynthia Christy of Brogan. All those who created yard art and entered it won prizes for participating. Congrats to everyone!!!!

Jami Taylor Kacie 4

Best of Show: Kacie Recla and Jaime and Linda Taylor


Ruby 1

First Place Youth: Ruby Johnson


Cynthia 2

First Place Adult: Cynthia Christy

Art In The Park on Flag Day

Drexel’s “Art In The Park on Flag Day” has a different format this year to win prizes in the mini-mural competition!


            Drexel Foundation’s Annual “Art In The Park on Flag Day” began in 1999 to encourage Patriotism & Pride at our community playground and park. Every year on Flag Day the playground equipment at Wadleigh park gets a brand new coat of paint and participants get the chance to express themselves through visual art in a “mini-mural” painting competition for prizes and trophies. With COVID-19 and social distancing, this activity will take with a new format, over a three day period so that all who want to participate still can do so. Each participant will be provided with supplies and brushes and will get a chance to create their very own mini-mural” to be entered into a “visual art” competition for the chance to win some great prizes. Everyone who participates receives a prize and is a winner! The 1st place prize for each age category wins a trophy.

            The Free supplies will be handed out on a “drive-by” basis on June 9th in front of the Grand Opera House in Vale from 4-6 pm. All who want to enter the mini-mural competition can select a piece of wood, paintbrush, and paints to take home to create their own art piece. On June 13th, 4-6 pm they can “drive-by & drop off” their entry for judging and display which will take place at the Wadleigh park at Noon-1:00 on Flag Day. All participants can set a later appointment to pick up their art to take home and pick out their own special prize for participating.

            “We hope to raise awareness of our flag, the arts, and the importance of giving back to your community on this Patriotic Day. Participants get to decide how they want to paint their mural. It can have any theme: honor our flag, armed forces, kindness, unity. Or one can create a special father's day mural. You can paint whatever you like on your own mini mural you will take home!” said Sandijean Fuson President of the Drexel H. Foundation.

            The public is invited to drive by on Flag Day Sunday June 14th at noon to see all the entries and see who won the big best of show trophy. This annual “Art in the Park on Flag Day” visual Art program began twenty-one years ago when the Drexel Foundation organized a group of young people who complained that Vale Park playground equipment had not been painted since the 70's and that they had no pride in how it looked. This annual event has strived to change that feeling by creating opportunities for youth to “lead by doing” and to see their efforts result in positive outcomes in the very park they visit. It is all age inclusive and helps unite our community. Many of the children and adult volunteers have participated every year, some have grown up and brought their children as parents. On May 28th, 2002 the City Council of Vale, by resolution, voted to allow the Drexel Foundation to use the City Park for this event each year. That resolution said, “The council gratefully accepts and supports this endeavor to maintain these facilities and the promotion of the arts among our youth by the Drexel Foundation.” Drexel Foundation's commitment continues even in this unique time period of 2020. “After 21 years we could not cancel it completely, we as with many organizations, have to pivot to deliver programming. Since so many events have been taken from our children it was vital to keep this event going, especially this year. This is a blend of at-home and public art. We all need the chance to engage in the arts, grow in self-esteem, express ourselves, and be awarded with prizes for participating.” Said Fuson. For more information visit or Drexel’s Facebook page, or contact 541-473-3470.

2020 Calendar of Events

Due to Covid-19, we are having to make changes to our Calendar of Events! Please check here for any changes to the events. You can also check the event tab to see the changes and updated flyers. 

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