2018 Film Festival Winners

Drexel Foundation’s 12th  Annual Children’s Film Festival & Film-maker Competition premiers many local films for Kids by kids and with kids in mind including the world premier of “ Para-annoyed”

            The Drexel H. Foundation's 12th film festival competition had another successful year with entries from many Western Treasure Valley artists. The film competition 1st place winner in the Youth 4-11 category sponsored by Oregon Shakespeare Festival  & Malheur Drug, was The Chaseby  Riggin Delong, Dustie & Roper Muncey. Taking 2nd place was Detective Sydney a story about 5 year old Sydney Hansen’s  mission to find a missing cat. In the 12- 14 age category Sponsored by  TVCC Foundation & Bogus Basin 1st place went to Sharing is Caring.  An  ensemble effort by Kaydra Stewart, Amber, Hannah, Rayanna, Abigail, Ben, and Gideon Hansen, ages 4-13 . This video was a fun story giving the message, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” In the 15- 19 category sponsored by Ontario Auto Ranch & Anniversary Inn 1st place winner was Vote Isabel for Secretary by: Isabel Lastiri and second place was Vote Japheth for TreasurerBy Japheth Carlson. The Adults 20+ category sponsored by Wildhorse Resort &Casino first place winner was 2018 Bombing Keeney Pass  by KJ Fuson, Sam & Andrew McLaughlin. This was a video of these young men skateboarding down Keeney pass. Winning 2nd place was VHS Back to School  by  all the VHS teachers. It was a funny welcome back to school video for all students to enjoy. Third place was a cute film Emotional Test of Money by David Armstrong about how money effects your emotions.  All participants received a trophy and a prize bag full of cool prizes donated by the 2018 sponsors listed in the program.  Also, the first place winners in each category won a minimum of $50.00 gift cards & certificates. The “Best of Show”$100 cash prize went to the  film that was the judges favorite & most memorable of all entries. This year the middle school ensemble video  Sharing is Caring  took home highest honors trophy and cash.

Everyone enjoyed a lovely night of new films for kids by kids and with kids in mind. During the awards special attention was given to thank all Drexel Foundation sponsors & donors during the 2018 year.  At the film maker’s Reception sponsored by Oregon Media Production Association and Sun Valley Resort there was mingling among the filmmakers and  comments about the special effects from the crash course participants creating the new movie “Para-annoyed”. It is a spoof about the ghost hunter culture and the annoyed ghosts who have to deal with these intrusions.  There were numerous door prizes won. Acknowledgment was given and gifts presented to superstar volunteers Angela & Ron Smith for their contributions throughout 2018 at all the Drexel Foundations events. There was a special thank you  to Phill Stucker  for his writing, directing, shooting and editing this year’s crash course film. The crash course participants ranged in ages from 7 - 59, and were all involved as actors, sound technicians , lighting, grips, production assistants, cameramen, costume, and technical crew. Participants included: Director Phill Stucker, Screenwriter Phil Stucker; Assistant Director Sandijean Fuson, Camera #1 Kelsey Tolman, Camera #2 Phill Stucker, Actors: Catherine Booth, Ferny Cazales, Heather Cummins, Zina Cummins, Elisa Gaston, Manana Gomez, Alex Gomez,  Moses Hernandez, Jeena Jackson, Sam McLaughlin, Dustie Muncy, Darin Smith, Angela Smith, and  Ron Smith. Grips: Noah Carlson, Andrew McLaughlin, Caleb Voechting, Mike McLaughlin, Sound Technician & boom Mic: Illiana Carrillo and Alex Gomez, Clap board: Noah Carlson & Moses Hernandez, Documentary camera: Ferny Cazales and Editor Phill Stucker. “The group of participates got to create the movie with their input and thoughts. It was a very funny video and unique choice of topic. Every year the crash course film is different, but a few kids have grownup on screen being involved since they were quite young.” Said Sandijean Fuson, President of Drexel Foundation.

After the awards the final segment of the event was a showing of past movies created at the crash course. It was another highlight of the film festival. The special Presentation showcase sponsor were Carlson Law Office . The audience laughed & enjoyed the showing of the past 4 years crash course films Vanishing Vortex, and all three films in the “Thunderchicken” series.   All this years films can be found for viewing under the video tab of “Children’s Film Festival & Film Makers Competition” entries. The next two events the Drexel Foundation will sponsor is the Fall Celebration of the Volunteers, the Free Halloween movie at the Vale Downtown trick or treat on 10/31/from 3-5, and the annual Open House on Dec. 31st 9-12 at the Grand Opera House and Vale Hotel.  “Much thanks goes to Phill Stucker, the volunteers  and the businesses and individuals who give their time, money and donations to help make the Free Drexel Art Programs & community events worthwhile.” Said Fuson.  


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2018 Talent Show Winners

And the Winners Are? Drexel Foundations 22nd Annual Talent Show and Art camp Huge Success
      The Drexel H. Foundation held their Annual Talent Show on August 8th on the stage at Vale’s beautiful1914 Rex Theater, the oldest theater in Oregon. This Free annual event was a pinnacle to “August Art Camp” week put on by the Drexel H. Foundation. The show was a huge success, and approx. 100 people enjoyed this great family fun event to end the summer. There were 28 individual contestants, 24 acts, some performing more than once with others in groups or other age categories. The first place winner in each age category went home with $100.00 cash, a huge trophy and lots of cool prizes. The Second & Third place winners also received trophies & gift certificates. Everyone who performed received a big sack of prizes with over a $50-$100 value. Everyone went home a winner!
    The youth 4-11 category winner receiving $100.00 cash and a 1st place trophy was Isabella Movaga, 2nd place was Brianna Thomas & 3rd place was Hypatia Rounds. The other talented youth participates included acts by: Cynder & Taven Dionne-Cloud, Jasmine Berry, Lizzy Corona, McKenna Thomas & Lily Jones, Payton Thomas & Tyson Jones, Harmony Dionne-Cloud , McKenna Thomas, Taven, Cynder & Harmony Dionne-Cloud, and Brianna Thomas & Gabby Rathbun. The Gold Sponsor for this category was Malheur Federal Credit Union. In the 12-14 category receiving a $100.00 cash prize and a big 1st place trophy was Ella Draper, 2nd place went to Darin Smith. The Gold Sponsor for this category was Luzettas Flowers. In the 15-19 category the 1st place winner was Sophie & Sylvia Draper, and 2nd place went to Japheth Carlson. The Gold Sponsor was Malheur Country Historical Society. In the Adult category the 1st place winner was Dusty Rose, 2nd place went to Brandon O’Brien and 3rd was Angela Smith. The other adult participants included Jessica Fuson & Ryan Hall, Santana Braniff, and Devin Smith. The Gold Sponsor was Butler & Looney PC. The competition was real tough!  
Acknowledgement to the sponsors who have support the various events, & restoration efforts was made throughout the evening. Before the awards to the contestants, Sandijean Fuson, President of the Drexel Foundation, honored the 34 wonderful volunteers who were listed in the program for helping with Art Camp, and the talent show week. There were over 30-50 kids participating in Art Camp each day in addition to the valuable volunteer helpers. Special recognition was made about Sandra Tolman’s 25 years  of  service as a board member, volunteer helping with events and as one who goes “above and beyond in her volunteer efforts to make the Drexel Foundation Great”. Acknowledgment was given to all volunteers throughout the year for their impact to this community. “without them, there would be no us”! said Sandijean Fuson . The Drexel Foundation’s motto “of your own personal strength you can accomplish anything” has helped many follow their dreams” said Fuson.  
At its inception, the goal of The Drexel Foundation was to create an art center in the Grand Opera House and later in the Vale Hotel, thus, providing a building for the community to enjoy cultural events. “Accomplishment of this goal is getting closer. Every year we fill a need for the youth in this area to be exposed to cultural/artist events for FREE which breaks down financial barriers & brings our community closer, as artistic talent is everywhere!” said Fuson.   In 1995 the Annual August  Art Camp and Talent Show began. Since then many citizens from all of Oregon & the Treasure Valley are involved in the Drexel programs, working as volunteers, giving donations, helping with restoration, or just bringing their talents to share with others.  Announcements about the importance of the  local Treasure Valley supporters for this event was made by Fuson stating: “Much thanks goes to the businesses and individuals who give their time, money and donations to help make our events worthwhile, and the organization volunteers have put on many great events and encourage community involvement.” 
More FREE events are coming this summer. The upcoming Film Program Sept 5  & 22rd, which includes a FREE Crash Course in Film Sept. 5 at 6:00pm and the Children’s Film Festival & Film-makers Competition  “for kids by kids, and with kids in mind” held on Sept. 22rd  at 6:30 at the Rex theater in Vale. Again $100 cash will go to the Best of Show for the entire fill festival and prizes for all who enter.  The deadline for free entries into the film festival is September 16th, late entries there is a $20 entry fee and will be accepted until Sept. 20th. The annual Raffle for the prize of your choice of Wildhorse Casino get away, Ballet Idaho tickets, or a karaoke machine was kicked off with the tickets sold at $5 each.  To find out more about the Drexel Foundation call (541) 473-3470 and leave a message for Sandijean Fuson or Kelsey Tolman.
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Photo credit : Kelsey Tolman 
Winners of 2018  talent show left to right: Ella Draper, Sylvia Draper, Angela Smith, Hypatia Rounds,  Brandon O’Brien, Dusty Rose, Sandijean Fuson, Isabella Movaga, Brianna Thomas, Darin Smith, and Japheth Carlson. (not pictured Sophie Draper)


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