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Saved from the wrecking ball during 1990's, these buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places and a community treasure. The Drexel Foundation was originally created to help preserve the Historic 1908 Vale Hotel and 1895 Grand Opera House. The goal is to restore these important buildings for Vale's future children. The buildings are well on there way to becoming an "Art Center", and "Artist in Residency" space. The up stairs of the Opera House is starting to look like the art center. Since 1995 roof repairs & structural stabilization has occurred for both buildings. Many rooms have been restored, the roof inbetween the wings, and new exterior door was added in the alley at the hotel. Restoration of the original 1895 tin ceiling and floor in the opera house is beautiful. Both the Opera House & Hotel's exterior bricks underwent mortar repairs. All work on buildings are done in accordance with the national standards for historic preservation. " Every year we take many steps forward, I can see it all coming together, with the great programs & volunteers and support. I believe the Drexel Foundation is making a difference! Come to see all of the progress. If you miss this chance to tour the buildings, there are private tours available by appointment. Some of the memories from local people are the best , such as " I delivered papers in the hotel when I was a kid, " as told by Bill Cummings . "The Drexel Foundation is always trying to learn more about the puzzle of these buildings, and always on a look out for old interior photos of the buildings. Rehabilitation has been possible over the years from the owner, Mike McLaughlin's personal labor & financial investments, the Drexel Foundation's efforts,SHPO & OCT and community grants. Local investment of labor, materials & volunteers have been used as a match for various grant assistance.

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