Art Builds Communities Public Art Project


The artist reception and celebration took place on the patio of the Grand Opera House. Over 45 guest attended, there were many students that brought their parents, grandparents and siblings. Everyone that attended was able to enjoy refreshments as they looked at the art work and voted for their favorite piece of art. At the end of the night those votes where added up and the winner of the People’s Choice Award went to Hannah Mizuta. Her piece included her name in Japanese to stand for her cultural background along with a beautifully drawn corn and onion. She drew the onion and corn to represent the farming community we live in. Mizuta also said “what really got me into art was the art camps and everything Drexel has had over the years.”

After Bond graduates she plans on pursuing her education in the engineering field or graphic designing. At this point Bond has limited her choices down to two schools and is still deciding on which one will best fit her long term goals. “I am happy to have been able to bring together the work of so many artists. The project as a whole was difficult but it was a good challenge” said Bond

This project was funded in part by Drexel H. Foundation’s banner sponsors White House Dental, Butler & Looney PC., Golden Wheel Mote, Rex Theater, Hanigan, US Bank, Holiday Inn express, Olsen’s True Value Hardware, and Veteran Advocates of OreIda. Oregon Arts Commission Art Recognition grand for outstanding Art organization and supported in part by the Art Builds Communities Grant, which is a grant from the Oregon Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts, Federal Agency. It was also supported by a grant from the “Fred W. Fields Fund” of the Oregon Community Foundation and a US Bank Foundation 2015 programs grant, and funded in part with assistance from the Oregon Cultural Trust through the Malheur County Cultural Coalition Committee. public art project

Left picture: Amy Bond showing her project. Right picture: Hannah Mizuta People's Choice Award Winner

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