Crash Course 2020


2020 crash course

Due to Covid-19, we are unable to hold our in-person Crash Course in Filmmaking this year. Since 2006 we've had a professional filmmaker come in and teach a course on how to create a film. Then we put that into action and create a film of our own in 3 hours. After much brainstorming, we came up with the perfect solution to "replace" this years 2020 event. We are so sad that we cannot all be together for this awesome event. But everyone's health and safety is our number one priority. Our professional filmmakers Kody Newton, of Newton to Newton Productions, and Phill Stucker are working super hard on creating crash course instructional "how-to" videos to share with everyone. We will be posting these so you can look at them to help you enter a film in this year's competition. These short videos will focus on Pre-production/equipment & story, production/camera shots & lighting, and post-production/editing. Stay tuned to our page to find out when these videos will be available.


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