Art In The Park on Flag Day 2020 Winners


Drexel H. Foundation handed out over 51 packets to families in Vale, Ontario, & Nyssa for entries in this year's Art in the Park on Flag day Mini -Mural competition. Over 27 mini mural entries came back to the Drexel Foundation to compete for this year's Best of Show trophy. There were 4 trophies for each of the various age categories. Participants ranged in ages 2-50. “After 21 years we are glad to continue this Mini Mural part of this special Flag Day event. The youth like to give these away as father’s day gifts. We think it is always a perfect way to help kids remember two things, to honor our flag and to honor their fathers or grandfathers on fathers day.” Said Sandijean Fuson President of the Drexel Foundation. The winners were: Winner 2-4 Charlie Baker, Winner 5-7 Hypatia Rounds, Winner 8-10 Rocco Shaffer, Winner 11+ Ella Marshell. The biggest trophy went to BEST OF SHOW Giana Rojas a 10-year-old artist. Drexel volunteers will paint the park again next year after COVID-19 danger has passed. It is always on June 14th so mark your calendars now.


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BEST OF SHOW Giana Rojas



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