Drexel H. Foundation offers FREE Crash Course


Drexel H. Foundation offers FREE Crash Course in Film/Video Sept. 4th , Followed By premier of the film On Sept. 14th

            The Drexel H. Foundation presents a “Crash Course in Film Making,” on Sept. 4th which will be taught by film maker Phill Stucker. What is the crash course? Ages youth thru adults create a movie in 2 hours, using local murals and a green screen. The film created is premiered during the"Children's Film Festival & Film-maker's Competition.

The Crash Course in Video & Film is Free ages 5 & up are invited. The crash course is a unique event and is open to all people no matter where they reside in Oregon or Idaho. Everyone gets to be involved as actors, sound, light, camera, and technical crew. It all starts at 6:00pm at Vale’s Rex Theater and will conclude approximately 8:30pm that night.

This year the crash course shall again incorporate new ideas for a new characters, the basics of video creation and teach the participants about “green screen” film projects. Pre-registration for participants is recommended but not required. The registration form can be found at the Drexel Foundation website www.thedrexelfoundation/events/crashcourseinfilmaking.org . Every year the actors improvise and create the dialogue as they go based around the groups idea for a plot line.

“The group of participates get to create the movie with their input and thoughts that day, so every year it is different because different people are involved.  There is a small group of returning participants that are now teenagers, and college students who started when they were young. They bring a unique continuity to the group. Each year they build upon the experience & advance in their skills. It is a great thing to see the growth in these young artists.” said Sandijean Fuson, President of Drexel Foundation. There have been a variety of professional film makers over the last 13years helping with this event, but a crowd favorite due to his outstanding ability to teach and great sense of humor is Phill Stucker.

Professional film maker Phill Stucker graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana with a degree in filmmaking. Since graduating college Phill has been working for Powerfields Company, he is part of the marketing & web design. Phill uses animation to create advertising videos. He has been animating films and winning film awards since the age of 15. He won the Drexel H. Foundation film festival Best of Show 3 consecutive years in a row with his unique comedic films. His list of Drexel Film Festival award winning films include: 10 Speed Insanity, Keep it Clean Music Video, The Great Museum Robbery, Don’t Cry Out, and We Didn’t Start the Fire. He has won numerous awards including 1st place in Animation & winner of Audience Choice at the BSU Film Festival in 2008, with Don’t Cry Out. A band from San Diego commissioned Phill to animate Keep it clean music video, which has been showcased at film festivals from London to New York City, as well as Los Angeles, California. His senior thesis film Entropy won “best sound design” at Montana State University senior film competition, in which it was nominated for 8 out of 12 categories, including “Best Director and Best Picture”.  In 2013 Phill was the guest artist and taught the animation workshop at the Drexel August Art Camp.

Phill was the past Crash Course in Film guest artist during, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2018. He is an exceptional editor and familiar with fx in filmmaking including green screen. His animated character Thunder Chicken created in 2013 is a favorite of many local children. Many children who enjoyed performing or working on Thunder Chicken came to the crash course the following years to create two more films Thunderchicken II Back for Seconds and Thunderchicken III Iguana Go Home.

Last years participants through Stucker’s guidance and editing created Para-annoyed a comedic spoof on ghost hunters. With the ghosts turning the tables it gave a new perspective of how scary & annoying all the ghost hunters are to them. It was a fun plot line created by the crash course crew. It can be viewed at the Drexel Foundation website http://www.thedrexelfoundation.org/videos/crash-course-films

            The Crash Course on Sept. 4th  gives the participants options to learn and o what interests then. They learn about basic plot, lighting, and camera shot training. “After this exposure to video & film art they can go home, back to their clubs, church or classroom and create their own movie to enter into the upcoming film festival competition. Many have seen samples of these youth films at the Drexel Certificate of Achievement events and enjoy seeing youth their own age in the crash course films” said Fuson. There is no entry fee to participate in either the crash course nor to enter a film into the Drexel Foundation’s Annual “Children’s Film Festival” competition by the deadline of Sept. 8th.

The Drexel Foundation is now accepting films for the competition.  The Sept 8th deadline is quickly approaching. Films must be family appropriate, rated G to PG. There are four (4) age categories, 4-11, 12-14, 15-19 and 20 & up, with 1st place winners in each category winning a $25 gift certificate and the best overall film winning “Best of Show” wins $100 cash, there are trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each age category and all participants win prizes.  One does not need to be present to win!  To enter mail or drop off submitted films and registrations at 301 A St, Vale, OR 97918. For more information contact Kelsey Tolman or Sandijean Fuson and leave a message at 541-473-3470.

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