Crash Course in Filmmaking

Wednesday, September 02, 2020 06:00pm - 08:30pm
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Crash Course in Film making is taught by professional filmmakers. The Crash Course is Free to all, adults and children ages 5 and up are invited. Everyone gets to be involved as actors, sound, light, camera, and technical crew. The film created each year incorporates the Vale murals and also teaches the participants about “green screen” technology. Participates get to create the movie with their input and thoughts that day. The movie will be shot in just a few short hours. A preview of the movie created will be shown at the Film Festival on September 19th. See the video tab for past creations. Want to know more about the Crash Course?


Watch the short one minute video from the Oregon Cultural Trust which gives an inside view of what the Crash Course is. It gives an inside look at the making of the 2016 Crash Course film Vanishing Vortex. 


Crash Course Flyer

Crash Course Registration

La Fundación Drexel H. presenta…  Un “Curso Intenso de Cine”

Crash Course Credits

Bio for professional filmmakers who have helped during the Crash Course and Filmmaking 


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                                                                      2018 Participants   

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                                                                    2017 Participants

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                                                                2016 Participants




Location : Rex Theatre 240 A St Vale, OR 97918
Contact : 541-473-3470


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